What Raymond Does
Keynote Presenter
Ray can support you as a speaker for conferences and corporate events.

His personal management experience, and work at the highest level of organisations position him perfectly for leadership development of your management and executives.






Ray is able to consult and support teams in a variety of areas that impact the future world of work. The include, but are not

limited to:

  • Future World of Work

  • Future of Money          

  • Talent Management  (new & senior)           

  • Leadership Development                           

  • Futures Scenario Planning                            

  • Change Management                                  

* This list is illustrative, contact Ray to discuss business challenges he may be able to assist with.


Ray has had both success and failure in his time as an entrepreneur, leader, professional speaker, and consultant. He draws freely and openly on this experience in supporting other’s.



  • Gamification of business processes         

  • Organisational Transformation & Development

  • Strategy formulation

  • Trends identification and tracking

  • Social Media and Network Analysis

  • Recruitment