Being Human in a Technological Age

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Futurists and trend analysts are focusing on the tech disruption of digitisation and automation with a lot of information about how this will remove jobs and make people redundant.

Human society has shifted through several similar disruptions before - Industrialisation, Electrification, introduction of computers… and every time we have adjusted and moved on and thrived

We have managed these periods of transition by identifying the central human value proposition in the evolving world of work and adjusting to suit this new reality.

This keynote presentation examines our Human Value proposition in a Technological age.

We need to focus on a skills and aptitude and attitude development in a few areas:

        Creativity                                            Initiative

        Resilience                                           Adaptability

        Social and Cultural Awareness       (self) Leadership

Increasingly we also need to develop a robust TechnoEthic - when the answer to “Can we do it?” is often YES, the question need to change to “Should we do it?” OR “What happens if we do it?”

Competitive advantage in the Technology age is in maximising our HUMANITY not letting the changes in technology cause us to loose perspective