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A High performer in the world of work that many of our parents were in during the mid-20th century would be a NON-performer if they were dropped into the digital world of work…. just doing the job may be possible, but high performance requires a closer understanding of the new world of work.

Talent in the new world of work are Digital Natives, who share the workspace with Digital Immigrants.

Digital Natives have developed a different set of values based on their development in a digital reality

        Sociability                        Competitiveness

        Multi-tasking                   Flexibility

        Arrogance                        Insubordination

The keynote presentation looks at each of these in context.

In order for us to get the best out of our new talent we need to understand them.  TALENT provides a simple framework to engage this. 

High Performing Talent in the New World of Work

Thrive in diversity  Adaptable   Lifelong learning   Experiment (and fail)  Networked   Technological

All of these dynamics converge into new organisational trends we need to consider e.g. Gig Economy and Contingent workforce, Holacracy, Heterarchy, 

The Circle of Courage provides a framework for an effective Leadership model for this talent