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The Future of Work

The world of work is shifting through the Digital Revolution, but we need to manage our response appropriately - where do you sit on the continuum from Analogue - Digitisation - being Digital?

A narrative drive review of some of the most significant areas of digital and automation currently working out in the world of work

Some of these areas include:

        Artificial Intelligence                       Quantum Computing 

        Mixed Reality                                   Gamification

        Self Driving and Drone Tech         

        Digitisation of Money (Fintech, Insurtech, Govtech, Regtech)

        Biomimicry (tech based on nature)

        Clean and Renewable Energy

This is put into context with the people dynamics experienced in the workplace

        Ageing workforce - in developed economies vs Youth dominance of Africa and             developing economies

        Lifestage crises and Generational dynamics

The keynote concludes with the proposing of a few organisational model responses to be effective in the future of work