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Ray can help you come to terms with:


The rise of the Digital Natives

  • Digital and Social technology - yesterday, today, and tomorrow

  • How to lead, manage, and connect with the new generation of talent

  • The implications for the modern and future workplace


One of the key influencers in these individuals is that they grew up in a world dominated by digital technology. They have been called Digital Natives because of this influence. He helps organisations understand the changes and impacts of this digital reality, with specific emphasis on the human interaction in this space.


He has consulted and presented internationally on this topic. His background is as an entrepreneur and executive in companies that focus on achieving organisational effectiveness in this changing world. He was a partner in an organisational transformation consultancy. He ran a company that built computer games for the corporate world - business simulations that looked and felt like computer games but based on business content. He has worked in several areas of business, with extensive experience in financial services (particularly Insurance), and spent an extended period in the Middle East working in the Petrochemical industry.


He helps organisations and their management to understand how and why the world is changing. He can take you on a deep dive into the world of the Digital Natives, but contextualise it with an understanding of how and why older executives see the digital world and their functioning in it.


  • Do you need to get insight into the changing world of work?
  • Are you grappling with the different dynamics around the young people in your business, or your marketplace?
  • Do you look at the pace of change in your industry or organisation, and just hope that it will slow down sometime soon so that you can catch up?


If these, and similar challenges, are disrupting your strategy for business success - then

Ray is an experienced professional who can assist.

Raymond is a speaker and consultant who assists organisations understand trends that are influencing the future world of work. 
He is specifically interested in how best to engage with young talent under-35 years old.